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Al Hera Overseas is fully equipped with all kinds of modern facilities with highly professional and dedicated executive tea, who are always keen to render their best services for the greater interests of overseas employers.

Al Hera Overseas has its computerized data bank facilitating expeditious scrutiny of CVs and selection of perspective candidates within shortest possible time. We believe, the success of any organization operating under any economic system, depends upon the Manpower Resources it has under its disposal which Al Hera Overseas does have.

In Al Hera Overseas, all esquires for manpower requirement even for a small quantum are handled with utmost care and equal gravity and as such Al Hera Overseas is quite optimistic to receive continuous patronage from Employers at all times.

Mission: Al Hera Overseas assembles employment for the skilled manpower of the of Bangladesh for foreign countries.

Vision: To develop the economy of the country and to aid the foreign countries to invest and extend their services not only in civil construction and shipping sector, but also in other sectors of business and development.

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Managing Partner

Md. Yousuf Khan
Md. Yousuf Khan

Message from Partner

I have the pleasure to introduce our manpower exporting organization Al Hera Overseas as one of the trusted, efficient and experienced Manpower Recruiting Agencies in Bangladesh. Ever since the founding of Al Hera Overseas in the field of human resource employment abroad, we have not looked back. Our experience and team spirit strengthened by strong back-up support have been the key to our success in mobilizing quality manpower from Bangladesh. Working in the process of human resources development and recruitment, we have gained recommendable reputation both at home and abroad.

We have always taken into our utmost consideration both international labor laws as well as rules & regulations of the employer country. Our system and expertise are very meticulously applied to ensure better selection, better placement and better post employment services.

Inspiration from our valued principals has immensely encouraged us to pay more attention in selecting right people for the job and this is a true recognition of our sincerity as an honest employment services organization in Bangladesh.

Al Hera Overseas has procured jobs for skilled and unskilled workforce of Bangladesh to different Middle Eastern and Pacific Rim countries, AHO is equipped with core workers in manpower selection and skill management whose average span of experience for out-dates the inception of this company.

We are the grateful to our valued clients for their trust in us and we look forward to serve you in the days to come.

Partner & Recruitment

Rashed Khan
Rashed Khan

Message from Partner

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce Al Hera Overseas as one of the trusted, efficient and experienced manpower recruiting agency in Bangladesh. Over the last few years our sincere and dedicated services blended with highest standard of professionalism has earned recognition, trust and confidence from many foreign employers.

We try to understand the requirements of the foreign employers carefully and then search/select the best workers from our human resource market abiding by all rule/regulations of Bangladesh and the country employment.

In this procedures our attention is focused to the employers demand and requirement and to the employees personal benefit as well.

We are proud to be associated with many foreign employers from Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, UAE and Qatar. Our mission is still going on. I am delighted to present this informative brochure to you for your kind review/perusal at our success achieved in the past.

If you want to recruit manpower from Bangladesh, please let us be at your service. I can assure you a highly professional service package that will assist you from preparing necessary papers/documents till placing the employees to the site your projects. We believe you will be satisfied, Insha Allah.

Partner & Admin

Md. Shafiqul Islam
Md. Shafiqul Islam

Message from Partner

Al Hera Overseas is one of the leading companies for recruitment and manpower supplying home and abroad. Our ever efforts to improve on our performance has been the corner stone of our success. The active effort to find the appropriate work personnel for our deserving client is our motto.

Now a day with the rapid changing technology, the variety levels of skills required in manpower has to be a subject of continuous study and research at our Technical Institute. Our Institute provides theoretical and practical training on the basis of English and other language, social activities, safety and health topics as per requirement of prospective countries.

We work hard to locate the right manpower for right place. The company has a tea, of personnel for selection experts of various traders those are engaged in continuous market study of the human resources. So we are able to identify appropriate skill forces for prospective clients home and abroad.

For foreign job market Bangladesh has been a major source for both skilled and unskilled manpower to meet the requirement of the client. At least six million of Bangladeshi workers are currently working in the Middle East, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea and other countries; we are delighted to state that in a short period Bangladeshi workers has earned and provide a remarkable reputation through their hard and sincere work.

We would like to be a partner to extend our knowledge and experience towards your company progress and prosperity for all times.

In fine, we are moving to build a world happiness, peace and prosperity through our honest and sincere efforts.

Companies We Worked with

Singapore Companies Name:

  1. Syscon Pte Ltd.
  2. Loh & Loh Constmction Pte Ltd.
  3. United Specialists Pte Ltd.
  4. Heungwoo Industrial Co. Ltd. (Singapore Branch)
  5. Lockson Hydraulics & ENGRG P/L
  6. Lucas & Builders Pte. Ltd.
  7. C/o Servepro Services Pte Ltd.
  8. C/o Huationg Industries Pte. Ltd.
  9. Eletex Engineefing Pte. Ltd.
  10. C/o Chong Sen Builders Pte. Ltd.

Apart from these, we have worked with many companies including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Bahrain & Brunei.

Malaysia Companies Name:

  1. Supervision Optimax SDN‘ BHD
  2. Malaysian Harvest SDN‘ BHD
  3. Kantung Resources SDN. BHD
  4. Felda Global Ventures Plantations SDN. BHD
  5. Tok Aru SDN. BHD
  6. YP Hevea SDN. BHD
  7. Chuan AIK Industries SDN. BHD
  8. Chang Kam Yee & Sons SDN. BHD
  9. Poly-Ply Industries SDN. BHD
  10. Latexx Manufacturing SDN. BHD
  11. Trolli Master SDN. BHD
  12. Roxy Benwood SDN. BHD
  13. Rakan Ikhlas Services SDN. BHD
  14. Lien Yeu Cermin (MUAR) SDN. BHD
  15. Feng Quan Fumiture SDN. BHD
  16. Advanced Medical Products SDN. BHD
  17. Megatrax Plastic Industfies SDN. BHD
  18. South East Technologies SDN. BHD
  19. Ebrace Industries SDN. BHD
  20. Isella Sofa Design SDN. BHD
  21. Kim Ong Seng Plastic Products SDN. BHD
  22. Laiheng Engineering SDN‘ BHD
  23. Yee Wan Manufacturing SDN. BHD
  24. PNW Multi Enterprise SDN. BHD

Kuwait Companies Name:

  1. Kuwait Public Transport Co. (KPTC)
  2. Kuwait Pritchard C0.
  3. Tanzifco
  4. Jamal Trading Co.
  5. Al-Shamasiya International Trading 7 Contracting C0.
  6. ADNOC Intemational Trading & Contracting Co.
  7. Wael Al—Nusif Trading & Co.
  8. National Cleaning Co.
  9. A1-Ah1ia Cleaning Circle C0.
  10. Al-Ahdi Trading & Contracting Est.
  11. The Blue Sea Trading Co.
  12. Kuwait National Real Estate Co.
  13. Care Service.
  14. State Agriculture Development Co.
  15. Cair—Me Enterprise.
  16. Seal Polymar.
  17. Aextex Garments.
  18. S.M.T Electronics.
  19. Variant Venture.
  20. National Panasonic.
  21. 21. May Plastci Factory.